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Nov. - Dec. Announcements

posted Nov 4, 2014, 3:59 PM by Lina Hair   [ updated Nov 10, 2014, 2:53 PM ]
Nov. 8th  -  Thanksgiving Meal 12pm - 3pm at Gatewood Pavilion on Duck Creek Dr. between Oates and La Prada in Garland.
        We are very excited about having our Thanksgiving family meal back this year.
        Please sign up to bring a Thanksgiving dish, we still need meat, casseroles, vegetables and desserts. 
        Come for food, fun and fellowship. Sign-up lists are are the front counter.

Nov. 14th - 15th  -  The Champion Within Class A Tournament in Katy TX at the Merrell Center
FRI 11/14: 
 5:30 PM Registration/T-Shirt Sales at Merrell Ctr. 
 6:30 PM 4th Degree and higher judges meeting. 
 6:45 PM Traditional 4th & 5th Degree Events 
 7:30PM Creative/Xtreme Events, 18 and above. All ranks. 
SAT 11/15: 
7:00 AM School owner and individual registration 
 7:30 AM Mandatory Black Belt Meeting. 
8:00 AM Staging for Jr. Creative/XMA (colored belt and 
black belts.) 
8:00 AM All ATA Tigers staged. Tigers compete with all 
events in their rings. 
 8:30 AM Opening Ceremonies 
8:45 AM Junior XMA/Creative competition (17 and 
 8:45 AM Staging begins for Colored belt Jrs., Novices, 
1-3 degree Black Belts called throughout the 
Note: ATA Published Rules to be strictly enforced. Must wear proper 
ATA uniform, belt and white shoes. Must use ATA-approved safety 
gear and Protech-approved weapons.

$35 –Traditional Forms & Sparring/WOY-1-Steps 
 $25 – Traditional Weapons (in same ring as Forms) 
 $25 –X-treme or Creative Form (must do TKD Form) 
 $25 –X-treme or Creative Weap (must do TKD Weap) 
 $100 – Five Event “Special” Package Price 
 $115 – 6 Event Price, or $130 – 7 Event Price 
 $25 – Combat BME Sparring (family discount only) 
 $10 – Merrell Center Spectator Admission Fee & Tax 
 (Ages 4 and under free )

Please register at the front counter by Thur. the 13th if you wish to compete.

Nov. 20th  -  Please bring frozen turkeys for the the food drive.

Nov. 22nd  -  Little Rock Tournament Class B

Dec. 7th  -  Christmas Skate Party TBA

Dec. 20th  -  Color Belt and Black Belt Testing TBA