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Leadership Team

Join the Garland ATA Leadership team today!

In many martial arts styles, the assumption traditionally has been that once students earn their black belts they are ready to teach other students. But the ATA does not believe that simply being able to do something well qualifies a person to teach it. During the last 30 years, the ATA has developed an intensive instructor training program to insure that all ATA instructors are skilled and professional teachers.

Some of the Personal Benefits our dedicated instructors receive from their hard work and effort include:

• Developing Leadership Skills
• Improving Their Taekwondo
• Learning Instructional Techniques
• Valuable Life Skills Training
• Sharpening Their Thinking Skills
• Attending Special Events

Before becoming certified, ATA black belts spend 2-3 years as instructor trainees, during which time they are required to teach at least 300 hours under the supervision of a senior instructor. They are also required to earn certification in CPR and Youth Protection and to attend instruction camps.

What’s your dream? To own your own school, or travel to new places? That ATA would like to help provide you the opportunity to reach your goals, whatever they are. As the ATA continues to expand worldwide, the opportunities for qualified instructors and school owners has never been better.

• Do you enjoy meeting new people?
• Do you enjoy training in Songahm Taekwondo?
• Would you like to become a Master In Songahm Taekwondo?
• Are you looking for a future that is both financially and emotionally rewarding?

If you answered YES to all these questions, start making plans for your future today. It doesn’t matter if you are a black belt or white belt. Today is the right time to plan for your future.
If you are financially able, the ATA can provide you all the necessary information to open an ATA school. If you are not in the financial position to open today, the ATA will help you connect with successful operators looking to grow and open additional locations that could be yours in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a certified ATA instructor, talk with your instructor today!