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Black Belt Club

 Serious about learning all you can about Taekwondo?

Many students find out early on that Taekwondo is not only a sport but a lifestyle. Becoming a black belt is more than a test of physical knowledge but is also an exercise in mental development. The path to black belt will have many challenges but there is nothing like setting a long term goal and reaching it! All serious martial arts students not only dream of becoming a black belt but also set it as a definite goal. We are ready to train our students at any age or at any ability level to work towards and achieve this goal.

The Black Belt Club Program is a program developed by the ATA. It is open to all students of any rank or age. It represents the highest level of our "Success through Goal Setting" philosophy. Black Belt Club members are those individuals who have set their goal at "Black Belt". Students must know exactly what their goal is if they are to move toward it with desire and conviction. A Black Belt Club patch is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform to remind them of their goal every time they put on their uniform.
However, the Black Belt Club is much more than just a patch. All Black Belt Club members are welcome to participate in the special Black Belt Club workouts held each month at your Taekwondo Center. These exciting workouts offer training in weapons and much more. These special seminars will not only make you a better martial artist, but will also prepare you for the courses taught at the Black Belt level.

Benefits Include....
Advanced Training in:
Single Nun Chuck
Single Stick
Access to training in Most of our Special Seminars including Tournament Competition.

All you have to do is say, "Yes, I want to be a Black Belt!"