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Protech Training

Protech Training System

Protech Training Systems, under the direction of Chief Master G.K. Lee, provides advanced martial arts training for instructors. Programs are used by instructors to improve their personal skills, as well as for enhancement to their school programs. Currently, Protech mid-terms are a part of Black Belt rank advancement.

Protech Training Systems Certification Programs:

Single Ssahng Jeol Bong
Double Ssahng Jeol Bong
Single Bahng Mahng Ee
Double Bahng Mahng Ee
Jahng Bong - Mid Range
Jahng Bong - Long Range
Gum Do
Oh Sung Do
Ssang Nat
Sam Dan Bong 
Jee Pahng Ee 
Joint Manipulation (Level I, II)
Ground Fighting (Level I, II, III)
Spontaneous Knife Defense
Pressure Point Control Tactics