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Our Rank System

(excerpts Quoted from the New Student Handbook)
In order to develop the skills, discipline, and self-control necessary for the proper use of Taekwondo techniques, ATA uses a rank system. Such a system serves several purposes, including:

Chain of Command:
The ascending order of rank carries an increasing level of authority and responsibility. The student learns to assume responsibility gradually as he moves up the ranks. He also learns to accept and properly use authority that accompanies the higher ranks.
Measurement of Progress:
The most obvious advantage of the rank system is that it provides a visible measurement of the student's progress. As he learns the basic techniques of Taekwondo and tests successfully, he is awarded the colored belts that signify the rise in rank.

There are nine ranks, called "grades", in the color belt series, and nine ranks called "degrees" in the Black Belt Series. Because it is the highest number in a single digit, the number nine in the Oriental culture, represents the highest attainable goal of any measurable endeavor.


Knowledge stripes are earned to qualify students for testing. These black stripes are placed on the left tip of the belt. Stripes are re-earned at each belt level. The stripes do not give the student permission to test (this is only received through the Instructor).

All black belt ranks of 1st Degree Decided and higher wear black, traditional belts in good repair. The student's name, rank bars, and/or approved writing may be embroidered on the belt in English or in Korean.

Belts are to have no brand name labels attached. The rank stripes should be worn on the right side of the tied knot. Belts should be tied in the traditional square knot with both ends the same length to show the balance of mind and body.